F.A.Q and Support

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of formats do you use for your films?

We use wmv film format which is one of the most common and comes free with all versions of Microsoft Windows. We find this format to be of the highest quality vs compression.

How safe is my credit card when signing up through your card processors?

The straight answer is incredibly safe. All our credit card processors use 128-Bit Strong Encryption over a secure server. They are safe secure and fraud-screened. You can feel very safe using any of our credit card processors. In fact transactions processed over the internet using 128-bit encryption are much more safe than places where you actually hand your card over the counter. By paying by credit card you are almost always insured against any losses incured by fraud etc as well. So you have multiple protection.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling any subscriptions is always very easy and straight forward and you can cancell a subscription any time. To cancel a subscription with the billing company that you chose to sign up with go to the page on which you signed up and follow the support link. It is very simple and will take you two minutes at most. Cancelling your subscription will not necessarily cancell your membership. Your membership will last untill your access time has expired.

Where do I get support if I have a problem thats not listed here?

You can get support on any questions by emailing: dawn@bondageoutdoors.com

Your support email will normally be answered within 24 hours except on very busy periods when it may take slightly longer. If you are a member, please include your membership number at the top of your email. Please do not send passwords. Thanks.

My credit card was refused, what can I do?

Sometimes credit cards are refused even though you know you have the funds. This can be for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you have used your card on the internet more than a few times within the same period of time. The remedy for this is usually to leave a twenty four hour period, then try again when it will usually work. It is also worth trying your card with some of our alternative billing companies listed at the bottom of most pages. If you get no joy you can always contact me for support (above)