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No you cant have your clothes back, your staying naked for the rest of the day now and all night as well if you don't behave yourself. Real cute little ass you've got there baby, lets see a
bit of cunt as well, turn round. Tits are small but a lovely shape. What's that you said, your embarrass? Well that's exactly how we want you to feel, naked exposed and ashamed of yourself

I don't care if those men are staring at your body, and that you've gone bright red with embarrassment, you just stay there. Pose for the camera now, don't just stand there like a lemon
move around a bit, show us a few sexy posses. Open your virgina lips and lets get a good look at your cunny flaps. Go on girl, stretch your fanny flaps open

When I say turn around, you hold your coat wide open and turn around. Don't ague with me otherwise I will take the coat away from you completely, then you will just be completely
starker's. That's right smile, pretend you are enjoying yourself. Don't take any notice of the passing motorist and the wolf whistling.



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