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Mmmmm, these feet look just as tasty as the rest of you, do you mid if I suck your toes? Well too bad if you do because \i'm going to have a suck anyway. Hold her arms lads I'm thinking
of slipping her some meat between her legs and I don't want her kicking me. Those long legs this bitch has got could probably do a fair bit of damage to my balls and I'm not into ball busting

That's it bring her over here, and hold her legs wide open, I'm going to slip her a bit of my cock. Not sure where to go first, her virginal or her sexy little ass hole. Actually I think I will
do her sexy little ass hole first. Has anybody got some axle grease, I'm going to have to shove some of that in first. I'll never get my huge cock inside that little hole otherwise.

Ow look she's got ticklish feet, at least that put a smile on her face. Well she took that huge cock up her ass ok, guess we will have to all have a go at her. She just seems to be begging
for it. I suppose she's not used to so much attention from so many cocks normally. Well we'll make sure she's walking like a fucked duck by the time she leaves here tonight.



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