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We hired Lindsey out as a slave to work with a gang of waste disposal workers. The yard was really filthy as you can see by her filthy feet and ass. The men really liked having her working
for them for the day as you can see by their smiling faces. They soon found jobs for her to keep her warm and that saved them getting their hands dirty. Lindsey suffers so well.

That's right you stand there and hold your ass cheeks open whilst I shove this camera up your ass hole and we can take some really nice close pictures of your fuck hole. I'll say one thing
about this girl, as well as making a great slave she really has got a cute little ass. Even though she is still a teen I still expect its seen a lot of use

Got a great ass haven't I? Well how do you like me stretching it across this freezing cold metal bar? Like that do you? Like to see me suffering. Bet you'd love to shove your huge cock right
up my ass right now. What what a shame you are not here, I love having new meat shoved up my love hole. The bigger they are the better I like them.



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