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First we stripped her naked and threw her clothes away before we pushed her into our car. Then we took her to a nice crowded town several miles away and threw her out of the car.
Then we had great fun filming her trying to hide her naked bits from the general public. Look how she crouches down thinking nobody will notice her. She dosent realize that's two way glass.

She's started to get used to it now, dosent look quite so embarrassment as she did at first. She even looks a bit angry at us. The people passing do not look very happy with the way she
is presenting herself naked. Although quite a few people were laughing at her predicament. Lindseys getting a bit cold now. Well it is winter!

You can see by the coats the people are wearing that its a pretty cold day. Lindseys ass must be getting very cold now, still we don't care, cant wait till she starts shivering, a lot of
our members love that, especially with these nice teenage chicks. That's it Lindsey start walking there's nowhere to hide and no way of covering your private bits.



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