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How do you expect me to sell motorbikes in the nude. You know I cant stand people looking at my body. Its freezing cold and I just know nobody will buy a bike and your just getting off on
making me work naked. Can I at least have my shoes back, I mean the ground is freezing. Well you just better sell some bikes baby or else you'll be flogged later

That's it do a few poses, that will bring in some extra customers, well hopefully and for your sake cause if you don't we are all gonna take it out on your ass. Nice little ass you've got there
as well. Your very skinny though. What size are you? Not exactly tall either.

You look well ugly standing in front of that beautiful car. Almost a crime to spoil the look of the car by sticking your ugly body in front of it. Can you move left a bit? A bit more?
More still, move left more. That's it, lets get your ugly mug right out of the picture.



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