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Sit still you little bitch or I will give you another electricity treatment up your ass hole. You just sit down on that gate, oh what's the matter is it a bit painful on your quim? Well I don't give
a fuck. Your gonna sit here until you clitoris swells up to double size and that's all because you was such a bitch to me. How does it feel to get some of your own medicine?

Don't you splash me you fucking bitch, you just wait I'll make you suffer for that.Your a fat little ass hole, I'm going to be making you lick my filthy cunt out later. I will tie you head to my
ass and make you lick my ass clean, you fuck wad. I cant believe you've got the nerve to be naughty after all the lessons I've already given you today!

Ha bitch, now the tables have turned. Now you can concentrate on what I'm going to put you through and I can tell you its going to be very, very painful. I'm gonna twat your
fanny with so much electricity that we will be able to stick a light bulb up your ass and use you as a torch. Who's the clever one now fat twat?



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