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The things you find out in the country. We found this lovely lass strolling across an open field. After we captured her and interrogated her we found out that she is a gypsy who went out for a
walk and got lost. Well obviously we are going to take advantage of her in all sorts of painfully and experimental ways. Lots of bondage in various harsh positions will be a good way to start

She looks very fit doesn't she? She wont be looking like that by the time we've finished with her. Her tights are a bit wholly though aren't they. Maybe we will make a few more holes in them
especially around the quim area because she really looks like she's afraid to let anyone see her crown jewels. What a great find though, a girl on her own in a field and nobody to save her

She got a bit mouthy so we thought that if we spread eagled her down and didn't give her any water for a few hours it would teach her to keep her lovely lips closed, but would she
listen? Well no way, this was a real tough little bitch and it was gonna take more than a day to train her. Still this suited us as we like em tough as we enjoy breaking them in.



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