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That must give you kneck ache, or even ass burn in the sunshine. Love this girls red hair, obviously very fiery. Well were going to give her a lesson in what happens if you dont use insect repelant
in an insect infested area. Theres quite a few ticks about as well. Maybe one will crawl up that lovely ass of her, maybe make her want to scratch a bit. That will be difficult for her.

Nice little feet on this girl. Look at the size of that insect on her right bum cheek. Lets hope it crawls into her asshole. Looks like she has a bit of cum in her virginia, the bitch must be enjoying it.
Cant have her enjoying herself, go fetch the bullwhip and we will give her a few lashes just to warm her up a bit.

Just to be nice and to give her kneck a rest we stake her out on a nice damp piece of insect infested greenery. You can see by her face how much she loves it. Some of these girls are so into bondage
that it really turns them on. I wonder if she longing for a big prick to be shoved into that tight little quim of hers.



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