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What a lovely day for taking a girl out into the country for some real harsh bondage. In the example above it looks like the victim is having an easy time of it, untill you look closely and realise that
those rocks she is trying to support herself on are incredibly slippery. The only way she can stop herself from being strangled is to grip with her little soft feet and tootsies. Good luck to her!

Arrrhhh, now I'm sure that everyone can see that that has got to be painfull. We were good enough to leave her enough slack on her ankles so that she could at least grip with her toes slightly to relieve
the terrible pain in her ass. Of course this is a pain that gets worse and worse as time goes by. So I think we will leave her to her own devises now for an hour or two whilst we get a cup of English tea

Or maybe it would be better sticking it into your tight little ass hole. That's got to be a virgin ass hole, there's no way anything much has been in there. That's right dear pull your ass cheeks apart so that
we can all get a very good view. There's definitely a lot of men out here who would love to give that ass hole a really good fucking. Would need a lot of KY jelly first though, not much room in there



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