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That's it Sib, work those fanny lips, make them nice and juicy for the camera. Hmmm that's a nice little clit ring that you are wearing, I'm sure it will come in very useful for something later on. Perhaps
we can thread some rope through it and maybe hang you to the ceiling. I doubt if it would hold though really, your quite a fat little lump aren't you. Well your cuddly anyway. Fat is too harsh.

Wow that does look like a lovely juicy virginia you have got there, I want some. It looks like its got a life of its own and really wants a massive huge cock rammed right into it to stretch it as far as it will
go. Or perhaps a huge dildo would be better, or maybe a huge dildo with spikes on, just so that you know you are getting the full feeling. It is a great looking clit though, I'll give you that

Or maybe it would be better sticking it into your tight little ass hole. That's got to be a virgin ass hole, there's no way anything much has been in there. That's right dear pull your ass cheeks apart so that
we can all get a very good view. There's definitely a lot of men out here who would love to give that ass hole a really good fucking. Would need a lot of KY jelly first though, not much room in there



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