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Water torture in a 14th century English barn. A freezing day in January, just the sort of weather for taking an English maid out into the barn for some fun and games. This girl was a willing victim, well
all we said was that if she didn't take her punishment like a man, then she would lose her job and her residence at the family mansion and that her and her baby girl would be thrown out on the streets.

Oh yes and that we would make sure that everyone in the world would know that she is a thief and that she would never get another job again. So in other words if she did not do whatever we felt
that we wanted her to do, then her and her baby would be penny less homeless and probably soon, very dead from exposure to the elements and starvation. Anyway she did not complain.

This was half way through our fun and games. Look at her sweet face, you can see she is really enjoying herself cant you. Her hair looks a bit untidy, guess we will have to give her another
dowsing of freezing cold water to liven her up a bit. Well we know she loves water sports so this is a great day out in the barn for her. Enjoy the water dear, it's electricity for you next.



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