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Spreadeagled and staked out in the English countryside by a blood crazed serial killer, Carmen cant help but wonder if she will see another day. Who is this maniac and why did he choose her
from all the girls at her colledge. Crazy thoughts were going through her mind, trying to piece together some kind of semblance of sanity amongst the crazyness of what was happening.

Could this be true? Has she really escaped the evil clutches of the madman that kidnapped her, or is letting her think she has escaped just an evil part of his warped sense of humour. She did
not know, but one thing she did know, she wasn't going to hang around long enough for him to find her. Escaping had been a little too easy though. Was that dogs she could hear..

Shit, well that answered her question. He had been watching her all of the time. There was no way he was going to let her escape from his evil clutches. He had just given her enough
rope to hang herself. Wow having my kneck tied to this stone is painfull. The freezing weather is not helping either, wish I had some clothes



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